Landvetter for travellers

Landvetter city

Landvetter, situated approximately 15 kilometers east of Gothenburg in the Härryda municipality, is a town with its eastern and northeastern borders adjacent to Landvettersjön. The national highway 27/40 runs through the town, serving as a dividing line and a major roadway. Due to its close proximity to Gothenburg and the GOT Airport, Landvetter is experiencing a growth in residential development.

Since the construction of the highway in the 1970s, the town has predominantly expanded to the north, where the current town center is situated. Plans for a new residential area in the forested region south of Landvetter have evolved into the Landvetter södra urban development project, aiming to establish a sustainable city with a population of at least 25,000. In September 2017, the government recognized the project as one of nine noteworthy urban development initiatives in Sweden.

The railway connecting Gothenburg and Borås, a segment of the Coast to Coast line, passes through southern Landvetter, although it no longer hosts a traveler's station. Public transportation to and from the area is primarily facilitated by buses. The Landvetter Travel Center was officially inaugurated on January 20, 2012.

Landvetter parish

The historic section of the town, situated south of the motorway towards Landvettersjön, holds significance as the original church village in Landvetter parish. Landvetter parish, positioned southeast of Gothenburg along Mölndalsån and Landvettersjön, features farmland in the river valley and lake surroundings, encompassing a forested area abundant in moss. Over the years, the parish has experienced a steady population growth, increasing from 710 in 1810 to 7,144 in 1990.

Within the parish, two nature reserves contribute to its ecological diversity. Gallhålan is integrated into the EU Natura 2000 network, while Yxsjön, shared with Råda parish, functions as a municipal nature reserve. The area boasts numerous lakes, with Landvettersjön and Yxsjön being the largest, shared with Råda parish. Other notable lakes include the North Sea (shared with Råda and Lindome parishes), the Baltic Sea (shared with Lindome parish), Västra Ingsjön (shared with Lindome and Sätila parishes), and Sandsjön (shared with Clear out the parish). The rich natural landscape enhances the overall charm and ecological diversity of Landvetter parish.

Previously known as Landvetter IF, the football club Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC had its roots in the town. Landvetter's ice hall is home to Team Surprise, the World Championship gold-winning team in figure skating, and Landvetter Konståkningsklubb. To the east of Landvetter, you'll find the Chalmers golf club. The Landehofstugan, situated in the northeastern part of Landvetter, serves as the base for the orienteering, biathlon, and skiing club OK Landehofs. Adjacent to Landvettersjön, the Landvetter TK-74's tennis hall and outdoor courts provide recreational facilities for tennis enthusiasts.